18 june - 3 july 2016; The Floating Pears

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The inauguration of The Floating Piers is a matter of days. June 18 is now one step!!

This installation will be open to the public and will allow anyone who wanted to, to be crossed and hiked 24 hours 24 FREE and you can not reserve beds access, will be put into account the possibility of code to access it. At the end of the event the installation will be removed and all will return to normal.

This event is considered one of the most important events of 2016 worldwide. There are countless publications worldwide who devote extensive articles on the matter. The famous Lonely Planet, has compiled the ranking of the ten new travel destinations for 2016 and Italy ranks in sixth place thanks to the work by the artist Christo "The Floating Piers".

Do not miss the opportunity to visit and experience this great work by staying at our camp site from which you can easily reach the install.

See you in Edolo!!